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Specializing in the Complete Care and Repair of Your Vehicle

Mechanic adjust wheel alignment

Certified WV state inspection station

Let us carefully look over your vehicle to ensure it's in good working order. We'll make the annual state inspection process easy.


We will inspect your:

Get help to correct problems

Due to the experience of our ASE certified technicians, we can usually correct any problems you’re having – in time to re-inspect the vehicle without charging you another inspection fee.


Do you need new tires? We carry a variety of used tires in popular sizes at prices you’ll love. Purchase a second set

or a full-sized spare tire from us and save!

Quick and easy WV state inspections  

Relax and bring your vehicle to us

•  Brakes, steering or front end, exhaust and fuel systems

•  Windows and mirrors

•  Bumpers, fenders and frame

•  Tires and wheels, lights, horn, safety devices, seat belts and

   license plate mounting